Shipping / Refund Policy

Shipping & Refund Policy. Please read carefully.

For all purchases:

There may be long delays in delivery of your kit(s) when choosing USPS for shipping, that are outside of our control. It is recommended to select FedEx Expedited Overnight for delivery. We are not responsible for any lost or late shipments and cannot provide refunds for these circumstances. Note: We no longer offer USPS First Class Mail as a shipping option.

All RT-PCR Saliva kits include Overnight Shipping back to the lab for processing. The shipping options during checkout are only for receiving your kit.

Please be aware that RT-PCR kits and Antigen Tests are shipped from different fulfilment centers and therefore will not arrive in the same package or at the same time.

Please note that orders placed Monday through Thursday after 3pm EST will not be shipped until the next valid shipping day. Weekends and holidays are excluded.

Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will not be shipped until Monday. (Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped Monday morning for Tuesday delivery due to FedEx’s pick-up schedule.)

We do not support shipping test kits to P.O. boxes at this time. All test kits must be shipped to a physical address.

Refund Policy for COVID-19 Tests

Reliant Health Services LLC and (collectively referred to herein for purposes of this section as “Reliant”) are not able to accept returns of any COVID-19 tests. Accordingly, all sales of COVID-19 tests are final. We cannot provide refunds for shipping errors by any third-party.

Reliant reserves the right to remedy customer issues and concerns on a case by case basis based on the facts and circumstances of each customer. If Reliant determines, in its sole discretion, that an error has been made with respect to your COVID-19 test, Reliant reserves the right to correct the error and revise your order accordingly (which includes charging the correct price) or to cancel the order and refund any amount charged.

Regarding Antigen tests: If you are traveling with your kits, please be careful to not crush the kits in packing. The extraction tube with enclosed fluid may open under pressure from being packed too tightly. Reliant is not responsible and will not provide refunds for any extraction tubes damaged and/or emptied during travel.

If you believe Reliant has made an error with your COVID-19 test order, please contact us by submitting a support ticket. If you are seeking a refund you must complete a Refund Request Form.

Travel Consideration:

Travel during major holidays to locations that have strict 72-hour restrictions (like Hawaii) will need to be carefully planned. We have two primary issues that cannot be mitigated:

  1. FedEx does not operate on major holidays like Christmas or New Years Day – (which also strains their logistics for the day after due to their additional workloads) – see and this for reference.
  2. The lab’s staff is at minimum operating capacity on major holidays.

With this being said, we do not guarantee results in time for this or similar scenarios when traveling within 5 days of major holidays.

FOR PASSENGERS TRAVELING ON TUESDAYS & WEDNESDAYS: Due to no FedEx shipping on Sundays and an increase in holiday traffic, we encourage passengers to  modify their travel days.

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