Which test do I need?

If you are travelling abroad and need a test to return to the US that satisfies all CDC and airline requirements, you will need the Antigen Test. IMPORTANT: These kits must be ordered and delivered to a U.S. residence prior to your departure abroad. You will pack and take these with you on your trip. – This service includes the required medical observation over a tele-health session within 72 hours of your return flight. It is a simple process that takes about 15 minutes. A Fit-To-Fly Result Report with Attestation is provided via email within minutes of completing the observed test with the medical provider.

If you are travelling to a destination that specifically requires a PCR Test, then you will need the RT-PCR Test. (Note this is a laboratory processed test and you must determine the proper time to send in the sample for processing.) Be aware that you may still also need an Antigen test to return to the US, so be sure to order both if this is the case.

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