How it Works

The five step process to Get Tested Now is simple:

Order your collection kit.

Click “Order Now” and provide your symptoms and relevant health history. Enter your shipping and billing details for your collection kit.

Receive your kit.

The kit will be sent to your address via expedited shipping. Open the kit and look for the instruction card. Read it carefully. DO NOT OPEN THE TEST TUBE PACKAGE until you are instructed to do so.

Specimen Collection.

Once your kit arrives, locate the instruction card and follow the collection instructions.

You will simply register online, enter the barcode located on the tube, spit in the tube to the fill line and screw on the lid firmly, then seal it back in the box and drop it in the mail.

Ship your kit.

Your kit includes everything you need to send your specimen back including a prepaid shipping label.

Receive your results.

You will get your results (positive, negative, or inconclusive) 24-48 hours after your sample arrives at the lab.
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