Medical Observation for Antigen test

IMPORTANT: You must pre-register your test ONLY within 4 hours of use. Registrations expire after 24 hours – registrations beyond this timeframe will require re-registration which may cause a delay. Each person being tested must have their test registered prior to observation – the email provided in this registration will determine where results will be … Read more

My Antigen test came back positive, what should I do now?

It is recommended that a positive antigen test result in an asymptomatic, unexposed individual should be immediately followed by a PCR test to verify the positive result. This follow-up specimen should be collected within 24 hours of the original test, if possible, and no more than 48 hours after the antigen test. Specimens collected more … Read more

How long do I have to use my Antigen Test? Expiration date?

The Antigen test has an expiration date printed on the cassette package. Clarity Antigen Tests have a 1.5 to 2 year shelf life. Note: The CareStart Tests have a three to six month shelf life. The CareStart Antigen tests expiration has been extended by the manufacturer and the FDA. They are valid PAST THE PRINTED … Read more

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