Antigen Testing

An All-inclusive COVID-19 Medical Testing Service

Remote Medically Supervised (POC) Test
15 Minute Result Antigen Test
Satisfies CDC Requirements For Return Flights Back To The U.S. *

Travelers originating in the U.S. and taking an international roundtrip flight can order a medically supervised and virtually guided COVID-19 antigen test to take with them for their return flight back to the U.S.

These tests are accepted by anyone who requests a COVID-19 test result (that does not specifically require a PCR / Molecular test) such as airlines, sporting events, cruises, business conferences, festivals and more.

All tests are provided as a complete medical service through a tele-health session. Tele-health sessions can be accessed with any device that has an internet connection and web browser from anywhere in the world.

The 6 step process is easy!

Step 1
Order your Antigen Test -Click “Order Now” and provide your symptoms and relevant health history. Enter your shipping and billing details for your collection kit.

Step 2
Receive your Test kit – The kit will be sent to your address selected at checkout. Open the kit and look for the instruction card. Read it carefully.

Step 3
Register Your Test Online – When you are ready to take the test, you must register each test for each person individually. You must pre-register your test ONLY within 4 hours of use. After test registration, you will receive a link with further instructions on completing the test observation process.

Step 4
Specimen Collection over Tele-Health – Using the provided link, connect to our Medical Provider over Tele-Health. The medical provider will walk you through each step of the collection process. (All devices and browsers are supported, no downloads are required.)

Step 5
Result Interpretation over Tele-Health – The provider will read and interpret your results after approximately 15 minutes.

Step 6
Receive Your Results – Fit-To-Fly Certificate. – You will get an email with your results in .pdf format and a QR code within minutes of completing the test with the provider. The results are sent to the email address you registered the test with from step 3 above.

Do you  still have questions? For more information click here to view our Help Section.

Click here to view / download the Fact Sheet for Patients

Click here to view / download the Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers

Click here to view / download the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

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