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Leaders in COVID-19 Testing.

Established in 2014 to provide pharmacogenomic testing for physicians in the point of care setting, Reliant is committed to enhancing the lives of patients by providing the highest quality laboratory services available and has created a network of essential services and partners to provide government authorized, comprehensive and robust testing initiatives for COVID-19 across America. Our goal is to help leaders across America both balance the essential efforts to save lives while preserving family’s livelihoods.

We simplify the process of COVID-19 testing by providing a service that is convenient and reliable. Our tests are available to health care providers, local governments, businesses, and individual consumers.

In partnership with the Global Health Coordination Center (GHC3) and the CDC Foundation, Reliant has successfully assisted in the facilitation of improved testing initiatives in excess of 1 million COVID-19 tests across the US to date.

We have developed a load-balanced laboratory network across the country which has availability for 125K+ daily specimen (SARS-CoV-2) processing. All of these facilities and the personnel staffed within our lab networks are fully licensed and conform to Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act (CLIA), are CAP Accredited and conform to the safety level of ‘Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3),’ as specified by the CDC.

Reliant’s testing programs are implemented across industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, energy, transportation, hospitality, food and beverage, finance, sports, distribution, retail, and government.

We help provide organizations’ employees and customers with access to safe, reliable, and efficient COVID-19 testing.

Some advantages of utilizing Reliant for your corporate testing initiatives:

FDA authorized
All tests are FDA EUA-authorized for COVID-19.

Accurate results
Saliva COVID-19 tests have a 99.7% accuracy rate for detecting COVID-19. Clarity Antigen tests have a 97.7% accuracy rate.

Flexible testing options
Organizational test options including individual reimbursable testing*, prepaid test credits for employees, and on-site bulk testing options.

Non-invasive process
RT-PCR Saliva testing is painless and doesn’t require uncomfortable nasal swabs.

Supervised collection
Test collections can be remotely supervised if needed.

Organizational reporting
Secure organizational reporting available with individual patient consent forms completed.

HIPAA compliance
PHI is secured and protected in accordance with HIPAA requirements.

Reliant Health Services LLC is proud to have Dr. Michael Daignault as our Chief Medical Advisor.

Dr Michael Daignault is a board-certified emergency physician in Los Angeles who has worked on the front-lines of the pandemic for almost a year. He has seen first hand how inappropriate use of diagnostic tests can create false reassurance or contribute to local outbreaks and broader surges in infections.

Dr Daignault also consults with CBSLA News, Inside Edition, ABC7 News, KNX1070 news radio and has been a leading public health voice in providing guidance on evidence-based use of testing and evidence-based public health information thru weekly posts on his Instagram account, @drdaignault.

Dr. Daigault studied Global Health at Georgetown University and has a Medical Degree from the joint Ben-Gurion University/Columbia Medical Center Medical School for International Health. He did his residency training in Emergency Medicine at Lincoln Medical Center in the South Bronx, New York City. Dr. Daignault is a former United States Peace Corps Volunteer and has worked for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). He is an avid rock climber and surfer

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